Friday, August 26, 2011

Revel in My Lameness...

Soooo... it's been quite a while since my last update (almost 5 months!) and I feel like now's the time. The problem, of course, is that I'm on my mom's laptop and don't have any pictures! I'll just have to summarize as vividly as possible.

I start school on Monday, and I can't believe that the summer is already over! It truly flew by. I don't even really feel like I had a summer break.

This is where I would have put a picture of me frowning.

Here's what we did this summer:

The last week of June and first week of July, Halen had a break from daycare, so we got to spend a lot of quality time hanging out and playing. I honestly don't remember what we did. One thing I remember is that we got a zoo membership, so we got to hang out at the LA zoo a few times.

Imagine Halen with some giraffes or something.

For the 4th of July we had a BBQ in the backyard for some friends. We bought a little blow-up pool and did some "swimming" (lounging) and splashing around. That was a good purchase, although I wish we'd gotten to use it more often. It's still sitting out in the yard, so it's not too late I guess.

Here's where you would see Halen in the pool with his little swimsuit and rash guard thingy. So cute!

The following week, I was summoned to jury duty, which ended up lasting 2 weeks, so Halen spent those 2 weeks in daycare full time while I sat in a courtroom fulfilling my civic responsibility. It wasn't altogether too bad. I was the foreperson on our jury, and I did find the process to be pretty interesting. I guess I'm kinda nerdy.

Picture my face on Ally McBeal's body. It was pretty much exactly like that probably.

Almost immediately after the case ended, I started feeling yucky. I knew it would happen any day, but I'm glad I didn't feel gross in court. But as I was saying, pretty much the day my jury duty ended, I started getting morning sickness. That's right folks, Halen will be a big brother in March.

If you know my mom, picture her dancing around a bit. Now shrieking.

So I basically spent the rest of July and most of August on the couch. I'm probably skipping over some fun and/or interesting stuff, but as far as I remember, the summer went jury duty, sick on couch, vacation. Which leads me to right now, where I'm writing this on my parents' couch and feeling much better. Just exhausted. I'll try to get around to writing another post when I get home highlighting our trip. With actual pictures! But, of course, I start school Monday so... yeah...

This is where you picture me not blogging.