Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to School

It has a whole new meaning when you're a teacher...

I've been an AWEFUL blogger these last few months! Too busy, not enough photos, etc. etc. And I still have nothing in particular to say or show, but I thought I should at least pop in to say "howdy" and offer various excuses. The first of which is - back to school! After a lovely 5 month vacation and stay-at-home mommyhood, it's back to work for me.

This year I have 5 jam-packed geometry classes and instead of having a prep period I'm teaching one section of 10th grade English. This means that not only am I super busy planning a new and totally different class, but I have no built-in time to do it! So it's been challenging but so far I've enjoyed teaching English. We're reading Slaughterhouse-Five. Awesome.

In related news, I got sick the very first day of school. Normally, it takes a week or two of mixing and mingling with the new students to get sick, but this year there was no messing around. Monday afternoon my throat started itching and by Tuesday morning it was full-out hurting. I mean, what the heck. Who gets sick the FIRST DAY?! By Wednesday I could barely talk and I had a fever Wednesday and Thursday. No fun. I felt much better by the weekend but I still (over a week later) haven't fully regained my voice. I sound like I've been smoking for about 30 years. And my name's Rhonda. Bah.

Hmm... what else is new? Today I walked in on a sneak preview of Halen's Halloween costume, and I almost died laughing. David's making it (yes, making) and it's the cutest thing in the history of the universe. That's right, the whole universe. Can't wait to post Halloween pictures! It's the first time I've been excited for Halloween since 7th grade and I (barely) talked my mom into letting me trick or treat one last time. I mean, just because my brother wasn't allowed to trick or treat when he was in 7th grade doesn't mean I shouldn't get to! Come on! He was 13 in 7th grade and I was only 12! Clearly I was entitled to one more year! It's not my fault I was more mature :)

Ooh, I also want to send a shout out to Shanna, my awesome mother-in-law who's walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure this weekend! She's walking 60 miles in 3 days. Oof. Break a leg!!! Oh wait...

Okay, enough is enough. I guess I can scrounge up a few recent photos of the cutest baby ever. Let's see here...

Halen's learning to sit up! He still needs something to grab onto, like his feet or a blanket or something. But he's doing great and we're so proud!

Halen met some cousins! Here he is with Saskia and Sienna, my mom's cousin's daughters. Not sure what that makes them to Halen, but we'll just stick with "cousin" and not worry about specifics! Doesn't he look excited? :)

Here's one of Halen looking super cute.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Tomorrow we're meeting my aunt Sherry, uncle Bob and his wife Tammy for breakfast. Bob and Tammy are on their way to Mexico to celebrate her birthday, so they're stopping over for the weekend. Then we're heading down to San Diego to help my big brother celebrate his 30th birthday! Crazy! We'll definitely have pictures to post soon.